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Kishtwar National Park, Jammu & Kashmir

Area of the Park : 400 sq km
Year of Establishment : Declared a National Park on 4 February, 1981
Best Season to visit : May-October

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Having clinched the tag of "Paradise on Earth", Kashmir has many things to offer to any type of tourist. You get acquainted with nature in its best form, whether we talk about snow-covered peaks, colorful boat rides (shikaras), serene landscapes or rich wildlife. If you are a wildlife freak, Kashmir has a lot for you to explore at Kishtwar National Park. The wildlife and vegetation here is a true treat to the weary 'wandering for wilderness' soul.


Bordered by rivers on two sides, the national park got its name from the district it is situated in, Kishtwar district, Jammu and Kashmir. The park is also bordered by Rinnay River, Kibir Nala catchment, Great Himalayas and Marwa River on the north, south, east and west, respectively.


The contour of the region under the Kishtwar National Park is scraggy and elevated with narrow valleys. The granite, gneiss and schist rocks are firmly folded in places, and also at some places beds of marble can be found. The entire area falls in the Central Crystalline belt of the Himalayas. The soil of the ground is slightly alkaline and alluvial.


There are some 13 kinds of vegetation found in this park. Among them, silver fir Abies pindrow and spruce Picea wallichian, mixed with cedar Cedrus deodar and blue pine Pinue griffithii are found at altitudes of 2400-3000m, whereas, at lower altitudes of 1700-2400m, muggy temperature leads to a lot of short-term vegetation such as- horse chestnut, blue pine, cedar, walnut, maple, poplar, bird cherry, ash and yew is found.

Additional attractions

Beside mammal viewing and bird watching, you also have a choice to go for trekking. The trek pumps up the adrenaline rush and takes you closer to tranquil nature and serenity.

You would also feel mesmerized when you get to witness the agricultural terrain around the boundaries. The tribes inside the park, both permanent and nomadic, have gazing rights in the premises of the park.

Close-by spots to stop over

The spectacular valleys- Paddar, Cahtroo, Dacchan, Wadwan & Marwah are idyllic in that they proffer an amazing trekking experience for you.


The Kishtwar National Park is least affected by monsoon. Thanks to the Himalayan mountain ranges! December to February happens to be the winter phase and the entire region gets covered with snow. The summer temperature ranges between 35 degree and 11 degree and the winter temperature varies between -7 degree and 13 degree.


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Kishtwar National Park Tour Packages

At this moment we don't have any specific Tour package for Kishtwar National Park, but our representative would be happy to assist you if you are planning to visit Kishtwar National Park you can contact us with your query on the following no / email.

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Wildlife in Kishtwar National Park


The foremost attraction among animals is the brown bear and the Himalayan snowcock. The next set of animals available in the park consists of the Hangul or Kashmir Stag, Canidae Jackal, Asiatic Black Bear, Rodentia Indian Gerbil, Lagomorpha Cape Hare, Long Tailed Marmot, Bats, The Indian False Vampire Bat, Serotine Bat, Yellow-throated Martin, Rhesus Macaque, Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, Langur, Leopard Cat and leopard.

The avifauna of the park also spells out a magic on visitors. Offering the beautiful sight of a variety of birds, the park houses Himalayan jungle crow, Indian Mynah, bearded vulture, paradise flycatcher, golden oriole, white cheeked bulbul and griffon vulture along with over 50 species of birds.


Kishtwar National Park Travel Information

How to Get There

By Air: The nearest airport is situated in Jammu (250-km).

By Rail: The nearest railhead is situated in Jammu (248-km).

By Road : There is a road that connects the park to Ikhala, but bus or taxi services are only available till Plamer, 20-km away, in the north of Kishtwar. For the rest of the journey, you can either walk or ride on a horseback.

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