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Bird Sanctuaries in India

"Chirps when fell into my ears,
Their songs when spread in the air,
Stunned by the charisma of nature,
Enamored by the wildlife living here, I asked, ‘Almighty! Am I in heaven? Am I dreaming?
God replied, “No! You are in India, the finest realm created by me…..”

Bird Santuary in IndiaIndia, being the home to a plethora of natural exquisiteness, varied landscape and enormous varieties of wildlife attracts global tourists to explore this uniqueness. Each corner of this vast land offers multiple options for the wildlife enthusiasts to explore. More like a nature lover's paradise, these destinations can satiate the dream of avid wildlife lovers to the ordinary holidayer.

Not only the quadruped, but also the exclusive varieties of amphibians available in Indian forest hypnotize the first timers in India. From the freezing Himalayan region to the coastal areas of Kerala, to the fascinating North-East everywhere availability of distinctive bird species opens door to birding. Have a glimpse of the highly endangered species of birds like toucans or hornbills and click the best pictures of their interesting activities.

More than birds, lot to see..

Bird Santuary in IndiaThough most of the bird sanctuaries attract attention for their exclusive variety of birds, most of them are rich in flora and fauna. Thus apart from bird watching one can explore the vivid land and its wildlife. Most of the sanctuaries are rich in special species of trees like teak, rosewood, sandal and rare species of medicinal herbs can be found in many of these sanctuaries. There are several species of mammals and reptiles which are also rare in their category.

Apart from a large variety of avifauna, loads of migratory birds are seen in these sanctuaries. Due to the availability of a diverse range of climate, birds from faraway places travel here to feed, reproduce and grow their young ones in Indian bird sanctuaries.

No specific time to visit Indian bird Sanctuaries

Generally, most of the Indian sanctuaries can be visited throughout the year. The best part of these sanctuaries is most of them are well equipped with modern infrastructures and facilities. Moreover, most of them are connected with all major cities with the means of all forms of transportations.

Bird-lovers can have a glimpse of loads of endangered species of birds here in Indian sanctuaries. Some of the sanctuaries have strict rules and regulations for photography, so the wildlife photography enthusiasts should always cross check before heading to a particular spot whether they need to take special permission for photography or not.

List of Bird Sanctuaries in India

State Bird Sanctuary
Gujarat Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
Haryana Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
Maharashtra Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Rajasthan Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Kunthakulam Bird Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
West Bengal Kulik (Raiganj) Bird Sanctuary