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National Parks in India

National Parks in India are bestowed with varied landscapes and diverse climatic conditions. Most of them have diverse eco-systems ranging from snow-capped mountains to tropical rain forests, along with extremely hot to chilling cold deserts and fertile plains to rugged valleys. As a result, the Indian biodiversity is enriched with rare species of lives. Due to this affluent bio-diversity the country could easily enlist its name among the 12 most bio-diverse regions of the world. To protect the richness of this natural splendor more than one hundred national parks are established across the country. Some of these parks are also acclaimed for being the last home of a lot of endangered species of animals on earth.

While the state of Gujarat in western India is the last home to the Asiatic Lion, the north-eastern state of Assam hosts two-third of the world's one horned rhino population. Spread in different corners of the country these wonderful tourist spots mesmerize the visitors who explore the country to experience the joy of pure wildlife photography. A short weekend trip or summer vacation stop-over to any of these wild land can rejuvenate your inner soul satiating your desire of spotting the wild-cats roaming in their natural habitat.

Exploring the grandeur of Nature God riding on the back of an elephant or through Jeep Safari is an incredible experience. Each National Park in the country has something unique to offer to the visitors. Some of these parks are known worldwide for being the last destination of some species on earth while others are acclaimed for the density of population of particular variety of animals including amphibians.

Some of the national parks like Hemis or Salim Ali are located in the heavenly state of Jammu and Kashmir where nature adorns herself with all splendid elements. From wildlife photographers to the fans of birding, all can get food for their eyes in any of these destinations where bustles of city life hardly chase the eternal serenity of natural beauty.

So, let your dream glide with flying colours and enjoy your valuable time visiting any of these arresting destinations with your buddies or family. Pack your bags today and set out to explore the splendor of natural at these getaways in India. Capture some unique moments in your camera and preserve them for life.

Here is a list of all authorized national parks in India strewn in all parts of the country.

Famous National Parks in India

State National Parks Started Area (in Km) Attractions
Andaman Nicobar Islands Wandur National Park 1983 281.50 Estuarine Crocodiles, Coconut Crab
Arunachal Pradesh Namdapha National Park 1983 1985.23 Leopard, Gaur, Himalayan Black Bear
Kaziranga National Park 1974 471.71 Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers
Manas National Park 1990 500 Assam Roofed Turtle, Golden Langur
Chhattisgarh Indravati National Park 1981 1258.37 Tiger, Leopard, Blue Bull
Gujarat Gir National Park 1975 258.71 Asiatic Lion
Marine National Park 1980 162.89  
Himachal Pradesh Great Himalayan National Park 1984 754.40  
Pin Valley National Park 1987 675 Himalayan Snowcock, Chukar
Jammu and Kashmir Dachigam National Park 1981 141 Himalayan Black Bears, Leopard
Hemis National Park 1981 4100 Snow Leopard
Kishtwar National Park 1981 400 Himalayan Jungle Crow
Jharkhand Hazaribagh National Park     Tigers, Wild Boar, Nilgai
Palamau National Park     Tigers, Dhole, Elephants
Karnataka Bandipur National Park 1974 874.20 Asian Elephants, Tiger
Bannerghatta National Park 1974 104.27 Tiger, Lion
Nagarhole National Park 1988 643.39 Elephant, Jackal, Tiger
Kerala Eravikulam National Park 1978 97 Nilgiri Tahr, Atlas Moth, Elephant
Periyar National Park 1982 350 Nilgiri Langur, Flying Squirrel
Silent Valley National Park 1984 89.52 Nilgiri Tahr, Niligiri Langur,Tiger
Madhya Pradesh Bandhavgarh National Park 1982 448.85 Tigers, Leopards, Bears
Kanha National Park 1955 940 Tigers, Leopards, Elephant
Madhav National Park 1959 375.22 Indian Gazelle, Nilgai, Sambar
Panna National Park 1973 542.67 Tiger, Wolf, Chital, Sloth Bear
Pench National Park 1975 292.85 Tiger, Leopard, Sloth Bear
Maharashtra Navegaon National Park 1975 133.88 Tiger, Panther, Bisons
Tadoba National Park 1955 116.55 Tiger, Leopards, Sloth Bears
Odisha Chandaka Elephant Reserve     Elephant, Hital, Bear, Pea-Fowl
Nandankanan National Park     White Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Crocodiles
Simlipal National Park 1980 845.70 Tiger, Leopard, Elephants
Rajasthan Desert National Park 1980 3162 Great Indian Bustard, Harriers
Keoladeo National Park 1981 28.73 Siberian Cranes, Ruddy Shelducks
Ranthambore National Park 1980 392 Tigers, Leopards, Boars
Sariska National Park 1982 273.80 Four-Horned Deer, Carecal, Leopard
Sikkim Khangchendzonga National Park 1977 1829 Wild Ass, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr
Uttar Pradesh Dudhwa National Park 1977 490.29 Tiger, Rhinoceros
Uttarakhand Corbett National Park 1936 520.82 Tigers, Leopards, Elephants
Govind National Park 1990 472.08 Black Bear, Leopard, Snow Cock
Nanda Devi National Park 1988 5,860.69 Tiger, Leopard
Rajaji National Park 1983 820.42 Tigers, Leopards, Elephants
Valley of Flowers National Park 1980 87.50 Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Red Fox
West Bengal Sundarbans National Park 1984 1330.10 Royal Bengal Tiger; Fishing Cats
Meghalaya Balpakram National Park      
Nokrek National Park      

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