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Hazaribagh National Park, Jharkhand

Area of the Park: 186.2 sq km
Year of Establishment: 1976
Best season to visit: The best time to visit Hazaribagh National Park is between October and March

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The Hazaribagh National Park, which is also a sanctuary, is a picturesque land that is the abode of a number of rare and endangered animals. Located in the Indian state of Jharkhand, the park is located at a distance of 19 km from Hazaribagh and 135 km from Ranchi, the capital city. It bears strong resemblance to Betla National Park, but even then it has many unique qualities that stand it apart. For one the park is easily approachable as it is connected by an all weather metalled road, something that most tourists seem to appreciate. In a bid to make it easier for tourists to spot the animals of the park, almost half a dozen towers have been erected inside the park; this way it is not only easier to sight animals but also safer. Some of the popular members of the Hazaribagh family include tigers, panthers, sambhars, spotted deer, and bisons. The tiger population of the park is small, 14 according to a census done in 1991, but if you have luck by your side you might as well catch sight of this majestic animal. In contrast, Cheetal, Kakar, Nilgai, Sambar and Wild Boar are found in large numbers in the park, and you will hardly have to break a sweat to spot them. The best place and place to sight these animals is near a waterhole during dusk.


The climate of the park is tropical in nature, so you must brace up for hot summers and cold winters when you are in the park. During the summer the maximum temperature reach up to 41 degrees, with a low of 19 degrees. The average maximum and minimum temperature during winter is 19 degrees and 7 degrees respectively.

Moving around the park is fun and easy

Whether you want to travel to the remotest corner of the park or to one of its many towers, moving around the park is child's play, thanks to a 111-kilometer road that connects all corners of the park. In fact the road has been constructed keeping the tourist in mind, so much so that you get the best views of the park and its animals. You can even take advantage of the watchtowers and use them as the perfect hideout while spotting the animals in their natural habitat. Undisturbed and unaware that they are being watched, the animals will go about their business as usual, and you will get to enjoy some of the rarest and most memorable moments of your life.


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Hazaribagh National Park Wildlife Packages

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Wildlife in Hazaribagh National Park


The park has a diverse wildlife which makes it a hot destination for animal lovers. Animals like sambhar, nilgai, chital and kakar are found in large numbers and can be easily spotted; they can be frequently found near waterholes at dusk and at dawn. Though one may find tigers and panthers to be elusive, primarily due to their small numbers, they still remain to be major attractions of the park. Other species that are residents of the park include the spotted deer, bisons, and wild boar.


Hazaribagh National Park Travel Information

How to reach Hazaribagh National Park

Whether you want to fly into or out of the park, or travel here by road or by train, there are no restrictions as it is one of the most well-connected parks in the country.

By Air: The nearest airport is at Ranchi, which is at a distance of 91 km from Hazaribagh town. From the airport, one can continue one's journey by taxis, autos, or cycle rickshaws to the park.

By Rail: Koderma is the closest railway station at a distance of about 59 km from Hazaribagh town. There are regular bus services that connect the station to the park, so there is little inconvenience.

By Road: The nearest town, Hazaribagh is located at a distance of around 91 km from Ranchi. Distances from other important cities like Dhanbad, Gaya, Patna, Daltongunj and Kolkata (via Asansol-Govindapur-Barhi) are 128 km, 130 km, 235 km, 198 km, and 434 km respectively. Once in Hazaribagh there are a number of options in the form of taxis, autos, and cycle rickshaws that one can avail to reach the park.

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