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Bird Sanctuaries in India

"Chirps when fell into my ears,
Their songs when spread in the air,
Stunned by the charisma of nature,
Enamored by the wildlife living here,
I asked, 'Almighty! Am I in heaven?
Am I seeing a dream?
God replied, "No! You are in India, the finest realm I have created..."

Bird Santuary in IndiaIndia is one of the greatest places when it comes to spending time with some of most exotic species on the planet, especially birds. India is home to approximately 1250 species of birds living in diverse climatic conditions, vegetations and habitats. From the Himalayas to Kerala or Gujarat to the North-East, every nook and corner of India offers many species of birds. And the best destinations to experience them are the bird sanctuaries.

Undoubtedly, India is the best destination for bird watching or birding. To experience such enormous range of birds, bird-lovers from all round the globe tour the different bird sanctuaries in India.

Watch Birds, Animals and lots more...

Bird Santuary in IndiaIndian bird sanctuaries are bestowed with enriched flora and fauna, that is, you get to see a lot more than only birds. Several species of trees, plants and rare herbs can be found in these sanctuaries. In addition, don't forget to see several mammals, reptiles, amphibians in the bird sanctuaries of India. One of the most notable thing about the bird sanctuaries in India, is that here all of the creatures and faunas are available in their truest state, completely untouched by the hustle bustle of human disturbances!

Apart from the indigenous birds, you can find here loads of migratory birds as well. These migratory birds travel from far to stay, reproduce, feed, and grow their young ones in Indian bird sanctuaries.

Visit the sanctuaries, whenever you wish

India has diverse climate and conditions; however, the weather remains favorable for bird watching for most parts of the year. The best thing about the bird sanctuaries is that most of the sanctuaries are equipped with modern infrastructure and connected with all the means of transportations; they are also in close proximity to the important cities. You can hire cabs, use public buses or go for some other mode of transport to reach these sanctuaries!

Bird-lovers can find their perfect home in the bird sanctuaries of India. See their natural habitats, explore and learn from them and more of the activities in the Indian bird sanctuaries.

List of Bird Sanctuaries in India

State Bird Sanctuary
Gujarat Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary
Porbandar Bird Sanctuary
Haryana Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Karnataka Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Kerala Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
Maharashtra Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Rajasthan Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Tamil Nadu Kunthakulam Bird Sanctuary
Uttar Pradesh Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary
West Bengal Kulik (Raiganj) Bird Sanctuary