WOW!! GREAT!! SUPERB! This will be your first reaction when you will read this exciting piece of news, especially if you are a wildlife enthusiast. Bringing a huge smile on to the faces of tiger lovers, the Union Minister of Environment and Forests in India has notified the Bor Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra as a tiger reserve. The sanctuary which covers around 13,000 hectares of area will be the country’s 47th tiger reserve. This upgrade in status, experts believe, will provide a much needed shot in the arm of ongoing conservation efforts of the national animal.

It will be the 6th tiger reserve in Maharashtra after Tadoba-Andhari, Melghat, Pench, Sahyadri and Navegaon-Nagzira. The sanctuary is rich in biodiversity with exotic varieties of flora and fauna like Teak, Bamboo, Tendu, Velatri, Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Monkey, Barking Deer, Wild Dog, Sambar Deer and Peacock.

Smallest Tiger Reserve in India

As per an evaluation, approximately 6 to 8 tigers have been seen roaming in the forests of Bor. A very interesting thing to note here is that the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has made an amendment in its guidelines for declaring the sanctuary as a tiger reserve. According to the guidelines, a minimum space of  800 – 1000 sq km must be effectively maintained by the state as protected area to support a reasonable population of the tigers. However, Bor only has 138.1214 sq km of space and that is why it is the smallest tiger reserve of the country.

More Focused on Improving Tiger Population in the State

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by the Pench tiger reserve to its north and Tadoba to its south. This means that it will help a great deal in preserving an effective breeding ground for the tigers wandering in the sanctuary from other neighboring reserves. This was another important reason behind declaring Bor as a tiger reserve. It is certainly nothing less than a victory for the government, conservationists and other private bodies who have left no stone unturned to enhance the tiger population and eco-tourism in the state.

Comes Under Project Tiger Coverage

Now, this is icing on the cake and much to cheer about because this new reserve has been covered under ‘Project Tiger’, which means that it will get funding and technical support from the Central Government to strengthen tiger conservation and eco-development. Moreover, with the rise in tiger tourism, it will also benefit the local people living within the proximity of the reserve.

Best Time to Visit the Reserve

Between the months of April and May, because it is the time when summers are mild. The sanctuary remains closed on Mondays.

How to Reach Bor Tiger Reserve

  • By Rail: The nearest railhead to the reserve is Wardha, which is around 35 km away.
  • By Air: The closest airport is Nagpur, which is about 80 km away.
  • By Road: The nearest bus station is Hingni, which is around 5 km away.